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Vegan Protein Powder - Vanilla - 26 Servings

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  • Plant-based Protein Powder: 20 grams vegan protein from a multi-source blend of pea protein, brown rice protein, and sacha inchi protein.
  • Greens: Including ingredients like organic alfalfa powder, spinach powder, broccoli powder, and organic kale powder.
  • No Added Sugar: Vega protein and greens are sweetened with stevia, our naturally calorie-free sweetener of choice. 
  • Easy To Blend Or Shake: Add an easy 20-grams plant-based protein to your day.  Vega protein and greens help upgrade your morning smoothie or provide a quick afternoon snack when shaken with water or non-dairy milk.
  • Keto-Friendly: This product is low carb and Keto-Friendly.  Add coconut oil to your smoothie or shake for a little extra fat. Not a medical food.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
K. Coleman
Would purchase again

I originally found this brand at CVS and after using a whole container came to where it is much cheaper. I blend this in the morning with frozen berries and soymilk. Personally, I like the chocolate a lot better, but for a vegan mix the vanilla isn't terrible.

My Favorite Product Line

I am in love with Vega products. I am not a Vegan either, I simply lean more towards a whole foods diet and love this great tasting supplement on days where I don't have time to eat or need to track my calorie intake better. I spend a fortune on powders and such and this is the only one I have found that tastes great even simply blended with water day in and day out. You actually want to drink this product. Highly recommend! The French Vanilla is awesome in coffee in the morning too.


Love this! I am a Shakeology drinker and this is as good! I needed a change so I thought I would give this a try when the days I am not up to drinking Shakeology. I been drinking vega for a month now and I been mixing it with coconut water, mangos, bananas, moringa and ice..yummy!!! And if I want a chocolate flavor I add almond milk, bananas, cacao, maca, and ice. So delicious!!! I am ordering my second order.

Elle Ben
Love this Shake!

Absolutely love. I've been tracking progress and am pleased with my training results since incorporating this protein shake into my routine. The images show progress pics taken Jan 25th, March 8th and April 2nd 2017. My morning breakfast shake recipie is: a tbs of all natural organic peanut butter, a scoop of Vega, 1 banana, 1 tablespoon of agave, and a serving of raw cacao (lot's of antioxidants and fiber!) and ice. It taste like a liquid reece peanut butter cup!

So far I love this. I use a lot of Whey Isolate ...

So far I love this. I use a lot of Whey Isolate Protein after my workouts but I honestly get a little tired of eating so much dairy protein. It gets the job done with regards to bulking and cutting but that much dairy for one's body can't be good. It's nice to try something like this which combines other healthy sources such as hemp seed, pea protein. If you're body building or just working out and already using whey protein, I still highly recommend integrating this with your diet. IT's only 6g carbs and 20g protein, so pretty protein dense without being too heavy on carbs / fats.

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