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Hydroponics Growing System - 12 Pods - White

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  • LARGER CAPACITY - The indoor plant kit can plant anything without soil. It has a self-watering seed starter tray, and it is supplied by a water circulation system that can increase the oxygen in the water. It has 12 herb pods.
  • HYDROPONICS INDOOR PLANTER - Indoor hydroponic garden helps plants grow 5x faster than growing in soil. Use it as a seedling device and the smart soil is transplantable to the outside garden to get a larger growing space.
  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE LIGHTS - The herb growing kit can make plants grow even in a low lighthouse or cold weather. The 36-Watt LED lights of the hydroponics growing system simulate the sunlight spectrum, promoting veggies' photosynthesis in any weather.
  • 2 SMART MODES FOR GARDENING - By pressing the "Flower" button: 16h-on-and-8h-off-cycle, with red & white LED lights, suitable for all kinds of flowers. " By pressing the "Veg" button: 16h-on-and-8h-off-cycle, with red, blue & white LED lights, for germination. Up to 19.4" tall. 
  • 2 WATER PUMP CIRCULATION MODES - In normal mode, the water pump works for 30 mins and pauses for 30 mins. Switch the water pump to standby mode by pressing the PUMP button. The water pump will turn off for 12 hours and will then return to the normal cycle after 12 hours. It has a 3.5L Large Water Tank.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Great system for beginners!

The quality of this system is so much greater than what I've purchased before!So I've been searching for a new hydroponic system for weeks. This one is sturdy, has a higher LED growlight which goes up to a higher setting than most I've seen on . It brings almost everything you need to start and the instructions are super easy to follow!I'm super happy with this purchase and will update on my already sprouting seeds in the future.

Great starter hydroponics growing system

Works exactly as described. Nice matte white housing that would fit well in any setting. The plastic housing on the base and the led top is well built and sturdy. The package included everything I expected, plus plant food A and B supplements.


Totally recommend buying this system. It very easy to set up, very bright, quiet and comes with everything you'll need (grow plugs, nutrient solution, little dome-covers) except seeds.Not even an hour after unboxing the system I had lights, seeds in the plugs and the pump quietly gurgling. Only one week later I can see the first seedlings emerging (see second image) and the growth is really fast, but also depends a lot on the type of plant and seed quality. So it's worth given those two factors a thought.A minor down point, is the simplicity of the 'manual'. This has been mentioned in other reviews and I personally agree, that there could be more information, for example about maintenance, replacement plugs and nutrient solution. Also, I honestly was not sure whether to mix both nutrients or use either or ... I went for mixing as it seemed the most reasonable approach and so far so good.Ultimately, I am very happy with my purchase, not only was it a great bargain it also does exactly what I wanted it to do.

Cindy Bonggat
Awesome Hydroponics Setup!

This hydroponics setup is awesome!! The fact that light is fully adjustable and can extend for plants that can grow 20+" tall is great! (See picture!) It has 12 pods and the lighting is strong! There are two light settings, and it's on a timer. Plus it runs so quietly! I have compared against the top of the line Aerogarden and this one beats it by far! More pods, better lighting, better extension, better price! Love this thing!!

Love this!!

I have four four different hydroponics growing systems. This one by far is my favorite! It is easy to use and works amazingly well. I cannot say enough good things about this growing system! It comes with everything you need to grow except for the seeds. You will need to supply your own seeds. In the picture you can see cucumbers that I started growing August 27th. They are only about a month and a half old. It is amazing how well this thing grows! I planted a couple jalapeno pepper plants as well. They are all growing so fast! Five stars for this hydroponics growing system!

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