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Food Storage Set - 12 Pack

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  • 24-PIECE SET: 12 Containers with 12 lids with various sizes and shapes for meal prep, storage leftovers, and all food storage needs. Set includes: 2 x 12oz, 1 x 21.5oz, 1 x 35oz, 2 x 11oz, 1 x 17.5oz, 1 x 27oz, 2 x 13.5oz, 1 x 21.5oz, 1 x 32oz.
  • PREMIUM GLASS: Crafted of borosilicate transparent glass, containers tolerate rapid temperature changes, never warping or cracking. Entirely safe to transfer from freezer to oven in instants.
  • SAFE AND FRIENDLY: Hot foods can be transferred directly to the containers, as no chemicals will leech into the food. Lids are crafted of BPA-free plastic, making them a safe choice.
  • AIRTIGHT SEAL: A locking lid creates an airtight seal for food freshness.
  • EASY TO CLEAN AND STORE: Containers are dishwasher safe, making cleaning them a breeze. (please note lids are not dishwasher safe.) Containers and lids are stackable and nest inside each other.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Fantastic set of glass containers!

The original set that I ordered was stolen from my porch, but YH-Goods replaced it and even wrote me a personal letter with the replacement. These glass storage containers are fantastic! The lids lock securely and even have a bit of suction. I have washed these containers in the dishwasher multiple times now and the lids are still holding up (though I do not use the heated dry setting). I am very happy with this container set that I am considering ordering them as gifts for my extended family members.

Very nice.

I am in the process of removing all plastics from my food storage situation and this was the first step.These work wonderfully, seal well, and were packaged nicely. I am very happy with these.

Beverly B Sloan
Glass Storage Containers

These are made well in that the lids fit nicely and with out a fight. I have experienced issues on another brand I purchased. I like the variable sizes also. Being glass You can reheat leftovers easily. I am less likely to send food home with a friend and never get my container back.

Brilliant containers for kitchen!!!

arrived on time in proper packaging. Super sturdy glassware and the lock function works perfect. Must have for storing food in the fridge!!! Highly recommend

Great product

Just got these yesterday, they were packaged really well so it doesn't break during delivery. They feel sturdy and thick and are easy to open and close!

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