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Keto Hazlenut Spread - Cocoa - 13oz

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  • 90% LESS SUGAR - Sweetened with organic stevia and organic erythritol.
  • SWEET TOOTH APPROVED- Spread on your breakfast waffles, fruit, pretzels, add to brownie mixes, lattes, ice cream.
  • PEANUT-FREE AND A NATURALLY GLUTEN-FREE FOOD- Smooth, rich, chocolatey, and creamy taste enhanced with sunflower oil, coconut oil, and cocoa butter. No palm oil, vegan food.
  • LOW NET CARBS- Perfect for keto, carb-conscious, and sugar-sensitive lifestyles.
  • HIGHEST QUALITY INGREDIENTS- All ingredients are USDA Organic Certified & NON-GMO Project Verified.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Buyer of Many Things
I have fantasized about writing this review for days

First, I want to explain -- I almost didn't order because some of the reviews said it was gross and oily. I read someone said to pop it in the fridge and it was awesome. My first one WAS a little runny, so I put it in the fridge and would just let it loosen up a shade and it was awesome. HOWEVER, the second one was *perfect.*So perfect, that I want to send it off to a lab to prove it's Nutella. I literally cannot tell the difference. So, they might need to work on consistency in batches -- or, maybe it was warm weather and now it's colder.The only problem, just like pecan butter -- I can't stop eating it and it's so good with honeycrisp apples. So, dangerous, but a satisfying treat without the sugar crash.

Sarah P
Delicious alternative to nutella

Oh my. This stuff is SO good. To me, it tastes almost exactly like nutella. It is a little thin, but I don't find that too be a problem. I think my only problem will be not eating it all too quickly!*Disclaimer: I'm not 100% sugar free at this point, but I've been working my there, and I'm to the point where alternative natural sweeteners (stevia, erythritol, xylitol, monkfruit) taste normal to me. Some people have mentioned they get the cooling aftertaste that happens with too much erythritol - I don't get that at all with this product.


Nutella being legal crack, I had really low expectations when buying this product, considering that almost all keto products have always been a huge disappointment. I wanted something healthy, tasty and sweet that resembled Nutella. The flavor is there and I don't feel guilty eating it. Highly recommended.

Ingrid Rivadeneira
Great tasting!!!

Great for people doing Keto or low carb. It's not Nutella but it is very similar to it and my kids like it! This is a little more dark chocolate flavor than the Nutella and it it is also a little runnier. Overall I am happy with this product only wish it was less pricey..

This stuff is delicious

This stuff is pretty tasty. With keto-style eating, there are so many products now to choose from, and I've tried a bunch of them. Some are plain gross, and others are average. I hate the "warm afterglow" of things sweetened with too much Erythritol, but this does not have that. I ate this pretty solidly throughout the month on keto bread toast, and it curbed my sweet tooth (which is pretty bad)! It's nothing close to Nutellas rich creamy flavour, but it's more like a cousin that has some resemblance to it, and is still delicious. I would definitely recommend this product if Nutella is your thing. Even if it's not, it's pretty good but with a better balanced nutritional label!

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