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Keto Nutty Granola - Blueberry Cinnamon - 11oz

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  • DELICIOUS HEALTHY BREAKFAST: Keto Friendly Low Carb Food - only 3g Net Carbs.
  • EASY TO MAKE: Recommend to eat Cold or Hot with Almond milk or Heavy Cream for perfect low carb cereal keto food or enjoy as a Keto Snack right out of the bag.
  • ENJOY AS YOUR FAVORITE - Keto Granola, Keto Cereal, Keto Foods, Keto Snacks, keto dessert for a filling meal that satisfies your cravings.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Great for Keto

I tasted this granola after being in Ketosis for about a month. For those who don't know, Keto is no sugar and extremely low carbs. So I'm not sure if it would be as delicious if I were still eating lots of fruits and sugary foods. But after not having sugar for a month this was like heaven- like candy! Sweet and crunchy and so good. I find the portion size perfect for my eating plan. I only have it dry, not with coconut milk or any liquid. The only draw back is it is fairly expensive. But I would buy it again and I plan to tell my online Keto group about this.

Pamela Mary
Great keto breakfast option

Great for keto. We use whole milk from fairlife and my husband loves the cereal. Bought 6 more. Kinda $$ but he is worth it

Misty Clark
Tastes amazing!

I am very sensitive to artificial sweeteners - not in an allergic sense, but I can't stand the taste of diet sodas or even Monster Zero that most people like. I can tell if there is artificial sweetener like Stevia or aspartame in it because I can taste that nasty chemical taste.This keto granola has monk fruit sweetener that has none of that taste and it is so good! It tastes exactly like granola and it has a great crunch and right amount of sweetness. The only draw back is the serving portion which is only 1/3 cup. I eat it as a snack since the portion is so small. The net carbs are great for those craving something sweet on the keto diet. The bag is small and expensive, but due to the great taste I am willing to pay for it again.

Gail Jackson
Worth the price

Best crunchiest keto granola I have tried. They are all pricey, but this one is worth it.Love it on top of yogurt.

Very tasty

This is just wonderful....so tasty but it is $12.99 for a small bag. It is very dense with a lot of good things. So I took a 4 oz custard cup and ate it slowly. But I will buy it again because it is so good and eat it slowly. :D

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